All photography provided by George Thornley

Hello and welcome to Bold Media, a freelance company always striving to provide high quality media. Here you will find a portfolio containing our current and previous work and also a contacts page where you can easily get in touch via email to get your ideal rolling.

With experience in film including video editing, cinematography and aerial photography we have the skillset to easily create what you are looking for. Whether it's corporate, commercial or online we can produce all types of media to suit a variety of needs. This can range from promotional videos to personal wedding photography and film. We've been working for big name companies such as Gascoigne Halman and Meller Braggins, as well as small independent businesses such Vale Bathrooms & Interiors.

We work as closely as possible with our clients to produce the exact look and feel they want for their content. Following each idea, we are with you every step of the way.



At Bold Media we take the time to invest as much as possible into technology, as this truly sets us apart from the competition. We only use drones provided by DJI, now officially the worlds leading company for this technology. This allows us to get the best quality in the air, producing high resolution images and video quality up to 4K. The cameras are stabilized via a gimbal, so the shots achieved are extremely smooth. This technology is ideal for any type of work, as it gives you a unique perspective of the area and adds an extra layer of depth to the video/photo. Perfect for weddings, properties and outdoor events. Bold Media specialize in this technology, as it is used in almost every project.